Blan EMS levy greatly deserves support

The Reciprocity Principle says when someone does something nice for you, you will do something nice for them in return. However, the person who gives back is far more generous than the good done to them.

As a lifelong resident of Blanchester for 57 years, my family, neighbors, relatives, colleagues, schools and, unfortunately, many more of my friends have made 911 calls asking Blanchester’s emergency providers (in this particular case, the Life Squad) to help them in their time of need. Voters will have the opportunity to exercise the Reciprocity Principle as they cast their vote to support the Blanchester Life Squad Levy.

Without revenue to sustain the rising cost of providing an effective and efficient emergency service, the quality of a service will slowly begin to decline, which could mean not being provided prompt and proficient care when we need it the most. The extra $9.07 a month ($108.84 a year) on a $100,000 home is well worth the investment to receive adequate emergency care.

The Blanchester Life Squad hasn’t asked the community for additional revenue in 18 years. Please contemplate in the coming days the good our emergency providers have done for you, your family, friends, neighbors colleagues and schools, as well as the Principle of Reciprocity. Then generously give back to the Blanchester Life Squad by supporting their levy on March 17.

Dean D. Lynch