Blanchester EMS cost is well worth it

Blanchester EMS is seeking a levy to maintain the services they provide. I would like to explain the actual cost.

A person with a $100,000 home would pay $9.07 a month or $108.84 a year. When you compare those numbers to any form of insurance, the price is modest. I compare it to insurance because you’re paying to ensure that when you‘re sick or injured, Blanchester EMS will be operating and ready to assist in a professional manner.

I had a heart attack last May. We called 911 at 2 a.m.; in moments BPD and Blanchester EMS were at my home. The EMS personnel did a quick assessment and loaded me in the squad. A mobile EKG was attached to me and the hospital got those results, as did the EMT. All of this was done in a matter of moments because of their training and equipment. As we pulled out I was given nitro and aspirin to the slow the attack down and relieve the condition. While we were driving to the hospital an IV was started and blood drawn to save time in the ER.

When Blanchester EMS reached the hospital there were nurses and doctors waiting on me and a team had been called in to do an emergency procedure. The hospital was ready thanks to Blanchester EMS.

I got my money’s worth many times over just in one ride in the squad. What are their efforts for your family members worth to you?

Chad Hollon