Support community and its life squad

On March 17 you, the community of Blanchester and Marion Twp., will have an opportunity to exercise your right to vote. We hope that you vote for the new levy that will improve the already outstanding Life Squad in your community.

The breakdown, which is less than a cup of coffee a day, will improve the the response times and quality of care the folks here in Blanchester will receive and deserve. I am not a resident of Blanchester or Marion Twp, but a concerned Trustee on the Blanchester Life Squad Board. Like everything else, prices continue to increase, but the budget has been operating the same for the last 18 years. Medicines, equipment and personnel will continue to increase, and this will help offset these items to continue the exemplary service the hard-working men and women of the Blanchester Life Squad provide and will continue to provide.

Jarrod Norman