Blan students, schools can’t afford cuts

My name is Nicholas Lansing. I’m valedictorian of Blanchester High School’s Class of 2019 and a first-year student at the University of Virginia (UVA). During my time at Blanchester High School, I took every advanced class offered, but these paled in comparison to the influence that Spanish and Robin Fille have had on my life. Removing Robin Fille isn’t just cutting Spanish classes, foreign language, the honors diploma, and the international club. Cutting Robin Fille is cutting the future of Blanchester’s students.

Robin Fille is the reason I am at UVA, the nation’s second-best public university. UVA wants two years of foreign language for acceptance. Without Spanish, my life at UVA couldn’t exist. Moreover, she’s prepared me for the English grammar section of the SAT more than any tutor or prep-class could’ve. I am forever grateful that I had her as a Spanish teacher. But she is more than a Spanish teacher. Robin Fille was the key to my college admissions door.

Robin Fille was not just an influence during my time at Blanchester High School, but she continues to be one while studying at UVA. She recommended I look at foreign affairs, an idea that has stuck with me to today. Moreover, her passion for global education is unrivaled. I have traveled with Robin Fille to Perú, but she also caters to those who can’t afford to with International Club. Robin Fille isn’t just a teacher, she’s an enormous influence in the lives of students, during and after high school.

If I were a teacher, I’d aspire to be Robin Fille. She never misses class and her grading is quick and accurate, having tests graded within the hour. This dedication makes her excel at what she does: teaching kids Spanish. Robin Fille in three years taught me enough Spanish to place out of three semesters. I tried learning Spanish online with Duolingo, but learning Spanish is more than Google Translate. Robin Fille isn’t just a great teacher, she’s irreplaceable.

I understand that changes must be made, but I implore you to reconsider cutting Robin Fille. Cutting Robin Fille will eliminate the opportunity for students to obtain an honors diploma and be accepted into a high-ranking college. I beg you to think of the consequences before voting to cut Robin Fille and Spanish from Blanchester, because cutting Robin Fille is cutting the future out of Blanchester’s students.

Nicholas Lansing