Blan schools can pave the way now

High school is the bridge between adolescence and adulthood. This four-year period in someone’s life is where they grow in intelligence and in personality. Without the guidance of teachers and school officials who care about their students and community, we fail.

Education and schooling is what ties the community together, whether it be a football game or walking shoulder to shoulder with your peers during graduation. Our community needs to come together for not just students now, but students in the future as well. Pave the way for success within our district, starting with our teachers.

Misguided and false information about the 1% income tax levy has not only left our teachers underpaid, but has also caused their positions to be terminated. I ask the board of education this question, what caused us to “lose” this $1.1 million that has left our school in debt? Poor spending without thought will hurt our school for generations.

While I am by no means as educated about what’s going on in our school as the teachers facing this vexation, it still affects my right to education, and the education of others. Compassion for those seeking out their education in our community is what is most needed, alongside the desire to make schooling the best it can be for our district’s future children.

Brooklynn Hofmann