Holmer best choice for commissioner

As election time rolls around, you the citizens of Clinton County will have many decisions to make. One of those decisions will concern the leadership of the county, specifically the election of the County Commissioners.

The county is blessed to have my friend of 40 years, Scott Holmer as a candidate.

To be a commissioner, one has to be concerned about the citizens represented, economics of the area, future and direction of the county, environmental concerns and an ability to grasp the “big picture.” Scott, or Scotty as I know him, has all these traits plus honesty, character and an in-depth knowledge of Clinton County.

I’ve known Scott, his family, parents and in-laws for more years than I want to admit and can’t say enough good, positive things about them and what they’ve provided to the community area.

A vote for Scott Holmer is a sure vote for the future of Clinton County.

Ken Hormell

Bar Harbor, Maine