Blanchester students’ education at a crossroads: No more cuts

As most of you are aware, our school district and our community are reeling. Cuts are being made, and the Blanchester Education Association is concerned that our students are paying the price.

The education that a student receives during their formative years cannot be awarded a “do-over.” We get one chance to teach our students. We are asking all of you to get involved for the students, for the schools, and for your community.

On Monday, March 16 at 7:30 p.m. the Blanchester Board of Education is voting on their next round of cuts. Among these cuts are teaching positions, aides, secretaries, and bus drivers. BEA believes these cuts, on top of others made through attrition over the last several years severely diminish the education that Blanchester Schools is able to offer. The likelihood of a student completing an Honors Diploma will become nearly impossible for many students. The high school alone has lost one-third of its staff since 2016.

We hope the community will join the BEA in asking tough questions about what classes and programs that we used to offer are no longer available due to cuts. How are these additional cuts going to impact programs and class sizes? How can we prepare these students to compete for college admissions requirements or college scholarships? How can we prepare them for life after high school with cuts to vocational and work programs such as VOAG classes, family and consumer science classes, accounting, and so on?

Please consider the following quotes from the Board of Education:

“As a Board, we will work as a team with professionalism, honesty, integrity, and respect for one another, staff, and community to achieve our goals and promote policies/practices that contribute to the educational welfare of all students.”

“It is the mission of the Blanchester Local School District to provide a safe, student-centered, stimulating environment where each student has the support and opportunity to achieve and exceed high standards and expectations.”

The BEA agrees with BOE’s guiding principle and mission statement. We are concerned that the cuts over the past 5+ years, and continuing on Monday night are not in sync with them. Wildcat Nation: Show up Monday, March 16 at 7:30 p.m. for the board meeting. Ask questions and hold this District accountable to its own principles and mission statements.

Blanchester Education Association