Trump’s curious decisions affect us all

Since his impeachment, President Trump has made some curious decisions affecting every American; therefore, I wonder…

Why did President Trump forbid releasing pertinent records and prohibit his staff from testifying in the Senate Hearings? Why was he outraged that his intelligence agency informed Congress that Russia is meddling in the 2020 election?

Why did he leave open the positions on the National Security Council, Homeland Security, and the Center of Disease Control? Why was $3B cut from the National Institutes of Health global health programs and 16% from the Centers for Disease Control? Why, in 2018, did he axe the National Security Council’s Global Health Security team, which was created after the Ebola crisis — then took no responsibility for axing the team?

Why did he initially deny the World Health Organization’s corona death rate, based on a “hunch?” Why did he claim that coronavirus victims got better just by sitting around and going to work. Why did he compare the coronavirus to the “regular flu?” In his last address to the nation, why did he suspend travel from some European countries after the virus was already in the US, but failed to mention testing for COVID-19? Why did he refuse to negotiate with Speaker Pelosi on a financial aid solution for those people and businesses affected by the virus? Why, until recently, was he a bystander in the pandemic crisis, while governors and mayors were taking the lead?

Under the 1976 National Emergencies Act and the 1988 Stafford Act, the president has vast powers in times of a pandemic. Let’s hope he uses this power judiciously.

Don Spurling