Habermehl best-qualified candidate

I have been asked who I support in the March 15 primary election for Clinton County Commissioner.

As an incumbent Republican county commissioner, I normally avoid getting involved in political campaigns between Republicans. However, it matters a great deal who will sit at the vacated commissioner’s desk.

Over these past weeks, you and I have had the opportunity to evaluate the viewpoints of the various candidates in the upcoming election.

I endorse Terry Habermehl.

There is a steep learning curve for the office of county commissioner. There is a big difference between performing clerical duties and providing leadership. Terry is the only candidate running to have served as an elected county office holder. He has worked hand-in-hand with the County Commissioners for the last five years as County Auditor.

Anyone who knows Terry knows Terry is tough. He is a no-nonsense, strong leader. He will stand for the taxpayer, even when it may not be the most popular thing to do, and even when he has to stand against friends.

This is no time for on-the-job training.

I believe Terry Habermehl is the person best qualified to be our next Clinton County Commissioner.

Pat Haley

Clinton County Commissioner