No fees for cashing stimulus checks

Very soon, millions of people across the nation and here in Ohio will be receiving checks to help stimulate our economy during this catastrophic time. A great number of the recipients will be using a business other than a bank to cash these checks. We are all aware that these other businesses, such as a check cashing company, charge an exorbitant fee to process checks.

Perhaps, our elected officials would be able to find a way these checks can be cashed at a regular bank without a fee even though the recipient does not have an account or the check cashing businesses would not charge them for processing these checks. It is very hard to see an industry take advantage of people that desperately need money not only now during this crisis but all the time.

Hopefully, something can be done to rectify this situation. Please contact your federal and state representatives and ask them to help aid in this situation. We have! Thank you.

Larry & Ann Partlow