Vacating its role as world leader

I am both saddened and angered as I see our country give up its position as a world leader.

A country that was a major supporter of international bodies and now has withdrawn support for the World Health Organization in the middle of a pandemic. A country that would in the past have joined other major powers in funding the search for a vaccine but has chosen to ignore other countries and go its own way.

A country that in the past gave aid to other countries as they suffered from the impact of viruses, not one that would inflict crippling sanctions and even threaten war as we have done to Iran.

I am calling on our U.S. legislators, Senators Brown and Portman and Congressman Stivers to do what they can to lift sanctions on Iran and prevent us getting involved in another war against a country devastated by this virus.

And at the same time to do what they can to restore our country to its place in the world as a world leader in this fight against a pandemic that is impacting everyone world-wide. To find a way to support the WHO and to the fight for a vaccine that can be available to everyone.

Scilla Wahrhaftig