Destruction of our heritage, history

Looting, stealing, burning both public and private properties, including churches, tearing down and destroying and defacing historical monuments and statues! All initiated by the unfortunate killing of an individual African American in Minneapolis by a police officer, with rioting, violence and destruction immediately following in several major cities in the country.

One might think that Minneapolis and the state of Minnesota should be able to handle the situation and prosecute those accountable vs impacting several cities in the U.S.? Is there no respect for many years of American history and heritage? Do we understand that you cannot “destroy” history, it is fact? Peaceful protests guaranteed by the First Amendment is one thing, but rioting, violence, taking over six blocks in a major U.S. city is quite another thing! And serious discussions about defunding the police and even doing away with police departments … are you serious? When we call for police assistance in emergency situations or 911 and don’t get an answer? And main street media espousing “it is a peaceful demonstration” with clearly huge building fires in the background?

It seems very clear that intermingled with the peaceful protests are “many” individuals/organized groups with alternative motives and I think the general public knows who they are! But when city/state government officials say “stand down” what can we expect. The destruction of America’s heritage and wonderful history.

George R. Cook