Much progress has been made

I am disappointed in the recently published Ministerial Association’s letter. I did not see healing as I read this letter. I saw language and attitudes that could lead to divisiveness among people, rather than the desired goal of people caring for each other and working together for each other’s good.

Our entire nation rose up in anger when George Floyd was killed by a rogue cop. America has a dark history of slavery. Sadly, there are racists in our country. Thankfully, America has made much progress in moving away from racism. I believe that an amazing number of people want what is good for others regardless of skin color.

I am listing some resources that might interest those who want to learn more about history and progress being made.

There are books, research, and/or interviews on YouTube by Thomas Sowell; Burgess Owens; Stacy Washington (Project 21); Brandon Tatum; Dr. Carol Swain; Bob Woodsen; Jason Riley; Deroy Murdock; Shelby Steele; Sen. Tim Scott; Larry Elder (; and Horace Cooper.

Are there situations in our country that are unfair? There are many and not just African Americans experience them. Consider those of other races who may live in Appalachia, inner city, or on an Indian reservation. Consider what may cause injustices in the lives of those of any race: human trafficking, drug dealers, broken families, corporate greed, crooked politicians, abortionists, bad cops and on and on.

Many statements in the letter could apply to others than those that the letter indicates are under siege. All those who are struggling in life; experiencing difficult setbacks; crying out in despair should know that they are heard and considered by our faith leaders as written in their lament, their confessions, and commitments.

Where in the list of names of unjustifiable deaths are those of innocent people killed during the protests?

Media are dividing our country by showing clips over and over of a few instances of police brutality. Little press is ever given to the officers who have lost their lives as they served and protected their communities. Those in law enforcement and their families need understanding and support just as the people of color do.

One of the last sections in the letter states: We invite everyone in our communities to join together in prayer …

I am asking that we pray for all Americans in their times of need.

Charity Gehringer