Whatever happened to America? Respect and lack thereof in US

Whatever happened to America? A question that is being asked by many law abiding citizens today! I believe it is all about one word “Respect – and the lack thereof” by a radical few in the country. The total lack of respect has presented itself during the last few months in particular in the form of: Violence in the streets, looting, stealing, burning of both public and private facilities/including the burning of churches, lack of respect for the American flag and our Constitution and its amendments, for our National Anthem, for our policemen and women, for the office of the POTUS, for what this great country stands for – opportunity, freedom and peaceful co-existence with our fellow man — and for law & order.

And main street media calls it, in most cases, “peaceful” protests, when clearly the TV screen says otherwise. In other instance it takes the form of trying to overthrow a legally elected president and his administration and by way of several alleged criminal activities which are now being uncovered and made public via the Durham investigation. Hopefully indictments will follow.

Another contributing factor to the riots in the streets seems to be, at least in the key cities/states, a political party in charge who is doing in essence nothing to stop the violence while in the meantime its good citizens and local business suffer! Is there a possibility of a political revolution in this great country? Or has it already started?

One has to ask “what is the solution?” In my mind and I suspect in many others it is – the silent majority needs to speak up and stand up and say “Enough is Enough” get out of our streets and stop the destruction – get a life!” Then if that’s the solution, when will the silent sajority stand up and be heard?

George R. Cook