Dems are just out for themselves

OK Democrats, let’s show some love for all the families who lost everything during the hurricane. You haven’t even mentioned it; you’re all for yourselves. I think America has a right to know.

Every speech Biden gives is something other Democrats wrote for him. Obama needs to stay out of it; you’d think he was running for president again. Wake up America, Biden has no say-so about anything. His vice president is running everything, works with Bernie Sanders. They’re for turning America into socialism. They’re telling our college kids how free everything is going to be. Baloney, you college kids aren’t getting anything for free. All you’re going to lose is your freedom. Democrats are the biggest liars about everything. We’re about to lose our freedom.

Trump is not a racist. He loves everyone and shows it. Democrats are so filled with hate, they’re scary. They want to change the whole world. It’ll never work. They want to take away everything. Who do they think they are? They’re using this virus for their advantage.

The world’s a mess and getting worse. God is the only one who can help us. God bless America. Democrats, if you have any feelings at all, send some of your millions and help the poor ones who lost everything. All you’re going to lose is your

Jackie White