This should matter to voters

As we approach the 2020 presidential election, I would like to contrast some important characteristics in the candidates for president: Joe Biden’s humility versus Donald Trump’s grandiosity, Biden’s generosity versus Trump’s narcissism, and Biden’s empathy versus Trump’s spite. I hope that matters to my fellow voters.

To quote Thomas Friedman in the New York Times:

“Personally, I will walk, I will jog, I will skip, I will crawl, I will slither, I will bike, I will hike, I will hitchhike, I will drive, I will ride, I will run, I will fly, I will roll, I will be rolled, I will be carried, I will trek, I will train, I will trot, I will truck, I will strut, I will float, I will boat, I will ramble, I will amble, I will march, I will bus, I will taxi, I will Uber, Lyft, scooter, skateboard or motorcycle — and I will wear a face mask, a face shield, gloves, goggles, a hazmat suit, a spacesuit or a wet suit — but I damn well will get to my neighborhood polling station to see that my vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is cast and counted.”

Rev. John Hitzeroth