Trump cares only about himself

Interesting facts: Over 20 women have accused Donald Trump of sexually attacking them. There is litigation following a charge of rape. He has bragged about grabbing women.

He was aware early in 2020 of the menace of Covid-19. He lied to the people about the seriousness of this threat. The U.S. has many Covid cases & deaths because of late and ineffective response. Recently Mr. Trump had a rally involving many people without masks. When asked about danger of Covid-19, he said he would be at some distance from the group. (He said nothing about danger to the people at the rally.)

Donald Trump denies climate change and its causes — human pollution. He supports activities that produce pollution, and opposes “green” energy production. Climate change is the great threat to humanity. It is ignored by this president.

Some who know Mr. Trump well (a niece, well-known reporter, past workers from his administration) said he is a narcissist, selfish, and unfit to be president. When asked about his plans for a second term, he had no specific answers. He has refused revealing his tax returns and college records. And he said he “might not recognize the election results” if he loses.

Donald Trump has not respected the legitimate protests by the people. Fact-checkers report he has made thousands of false statements.

Opinions: 1. Donald Trump’s presidency has been harmful to the people. 2. If elected, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will not tear-gas your mom!

Paul W. Skogstrom