Trump says victims ‘virtually nobody’

On Sept. 21, the president spoke at a rally here in Ohio about the coronavirus. We had passed the milestone of 200,000 confirmed deaths to this global pandemic. He insisted to his crowd that the plague was killing “virtually nobody”, as those dying were mostly elderly people with “conditions.”

Sadly, it is true that so far nearly 80% of the deaths to this virus are over 65 years of age. He discounted the deaths of about 160,000 because they were going to die anyway. Who, in their right mind, thinks 160,000 people are virtually nobody? Apparently, our president and every elected Republican who has failed to use their powers to uphold their oath of office and protect us from this rogue administration.

The president contracted Covid-19 and became one of over 7.5 million Americans confirmed to have tested positive. We passed 210,000 confirmed dead from this pandemic. Yet, GOP senators are rushing to jam the Supreme Court with a justice who may be the critical vote to overturn the ACA, critical healthcare and healthcare protections – in the middle of a pandemic. One senator said he will crawl in hazmat suits, if necessary, to confirm a justice to destroy healthcare protections for all of us.

It is time for all of us “virtual nobodies” to, if need be, crawl in our own hazmat suits to vote. Let us vote for 210,000+ who won’t be able to. Contrary to myth, the dead don’t vote.

Elaine Silverstrim