Mail-in voting safe and secure

On Election Day, people from every state and territory will vote for president, making the day a national event. But each state establishes its own voting laws and each county has its own elections board, so each election is local.

Ohio voting laws are established by the Ohio legislature. The secretary of state oversees elections. The county boards of elections are committed to open, accurate, reliable and secure elections. The local board and its employees are people from both major parties, working together in a non-partisan manner to achieve these goals.

There are a number of ways to vote; early in-person, by mail, and in-person on Election Day. Since 2006, Ohio voters do not need a reason to request a ballot to vote by mail. That’s 13general elections, with almost no voter fraud. And until this year, it was never a serious issue.

Covid-19 has many people considering voting by mail. In recent months, mail-in voting has become controversial. There have been accusations of rampant voter fraud pertaining to mail-in voting. Those making the accusations should present the evidence. A Brennan Center for Justice Study showed that the risk of ballot fraud is 0.00004% to 0.00009%.

When voting by mail, your kitchen table is your voting booth, you have time to research unfamiliar candidates and issues, and there are no concerns about Covid-19, weather and long lines. Choose your voting method and vote.

Don Spurling