Thank you to election workers

I am writing to thank a group of often overlook essential workers. They are our friends and neighbors — the loyal and dedicated election workers. They put aside their personal politics to make sure the election system is fair and works for every voter and that each legally cast ballot is counted accurately.

Like you, they heard the firestorm of charges of rigged elections, voter fraud and illegal ballots. They were aware of the angst and anxiety of the public about election fraud, the pandemic and the slowdown of the post office. Yet, they braved the adverse conditions caused by the pandemic and came to work every day.

Each ballot was meticulously and thoroughly reviewed for address and signature verification. This is slow, methodical and time consuming work. This year, the process was greatly affected by the pandemic and the incredible amount of absentee ballots.

Each voter was greeted with a smile, and every effort was made to make the voting area safe by frequently disinfecting equipment, and by encouraging voters to wear masks and to maintain social distancing.

Election workers are to be applauded for protecting our election system and our democracy. Election workers do not mark ballots — they count them.

Don Spurling