Time to stop angry words, nastiness

I take some offense at Rev. Silverstrim’s article for the word usage she employs as she talks about the recent election. While each of us has our own feelings about the outcome, it would seem appropriate at this time for heated words, comments and name calling to be over.

Yes, I know President Trump is still contesting the election. Yes, I know Biden and Harris are assuming victory. Isn’t that enough to stop the vituperative nature of language seen?

It would seem to me that the Reverend’s congregation would be more than a bit embarrassed at her name calling and outright anger spewn all over the page.

Additionally, this election was not a popularity contest between two men. It was between two widely differing philosophical ideas, i.e. democracy and socialism. You all had it figured out, I believe. The left wants to have us in a socialistic camp where we all do and get the same; all pay the same and bills be sky high but who cares, because we are all in this together. Entitlement wins, right?

The right wants to maintain our country in the fashion it was begun, having functioning areas in Congress, i.e. legislative, judicial, executive. The country is governed by states and federal, not just by federal. The Constitution is recognized and respected, judiciary rules on laws and does not make them, and so on.

It’s time to stop the angry words, name calling, and nastiness. Life’s too short for that anyway.

And Rev. Silverstrim, how will you explain yourself to a youngster who thinks you needed to have been kinder “like pastors are supposed to be.”?

Jan Widman