A suspicious phone call

The caller ID on my phone last week showed University of Cincinnati. Curious, I answered it. The caller said I may have overpaid for my electric and may be due a refund. Continuing, she said, “To receive your refund, press 1. Upon pressing 1, I encountered a lady with a southeastern Asian accent who asked for information from my electric bill.

Immediately, I became suspicious. First, I wondered about the connection, if any, between the University of Cincinnati and Dayton Power & Light. Secondly, I live in Wilmington, which I believe, is part of the aggregation agreement. The third curiosity was the accent, possibly from a third party. I hung up on the call.

This week, I called the Mayor, the Commissioners and the Sheriff. None of them had any knowledge about such phone calls or refunds from DP&L. I called Dayton Power & Light. They had no knowledge of such phone calls and that it was probably a scam from someone wanting your information and that if a customer is due a refund, it will be reflected on their bill. So, keep your antenna up for similar calls.

Don Spurling