Congressmen & more ignore will of voters

Politicians are elected to be our leaders — someone to look up to, speak for us and respect. Congressmen take an oath to defend the constitution, rather than a person, no matter their position,. But 126 Republican congressmen — five from Ohio — lost their principles and their spines to become lackeys and enablers to a bully.

Rather than represent us, these congressmen have shown a reverential devotion to an insecure, egotistical bully who has failed at every business venture. One who has put immigrant children in cages, one who has denied the Covid-19 pandemic, and who has called dead soldiers suckers and losers. One who created confusion and damaged faith in the election system.

This narcissist twice lost the popular vote and tried to overturn the will of the voters by filing nearly 60 unsubstantiated lawsuits in federal courts and the U.S. Supreme Court. All but one was found to be meritless and were dismissed by each court.

The 126 congressmen, some in leadership, and 17 state attorneys general made a willful political decision and signed on to the Texas lawsuit to overturn the will of the voters in four states and to have the legislatures of these states decide the election.

This attempted coup and seditious act put our democracy in peril. The people involved in this despicable act should, at least, lose their committee appointments. They should not be seated in the new Congress, and voters should remember their names and defeat them in their next election.

Judy Stapler