A tough year, and the tough will make it

Tony Lamke - Contributing columnist

Lots of us have a tough time spelling “pandemic”, but it’ll be a long time before we forget the word. Maybe these vaccines will get us all in a better mood for 2021…

One thing I am sure of is that we have to approach life with a sense of humor. There hasn’t been much to laugh at over these past months. Wear a mask, stay six feet or more from people, wash your hands more often, etc. etc. etc.

I heard a song some time ago that I think kinda says it all. I would like to repeat some of the song that I have rearranged to fit the times. It goes something like this:

Don’t put your finger up your nose, cause your nose knows it’s not the place it goes.

You can sniffle, you can sneeze, but I’m asking you please,

Don’t put your finger up your nose!

Don’t put your finger in your eye, Cause it’s not a thing you ought to try.

You can blink it, you can wink it, but don’t even think it,

So don’t put your finger in your eye!

Wash your hands more often, cause you know where they’ve been,

Don’t laugh cause only you know what they’ve been in,

Rub them and scrub them, then do it once again,

Wash your hands, ‘cause only you know where they’ve been!

No more kisses, no more hugs and you know why,

Cause if you do, you surely just may die.

You can wave and you can smile, and this will last a while,

But no more kisses, no more hugs and no more high fives!

As the British say, “Keep a stiff upper lip.” I never understood that, but as we Yanks say, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going!”

And keep your finger out of your nose!

Tony Lamke of Wilmington writes a periodic column for the News Journal. He can be reached at tlamke@cinci.rr.com.


Tony Lamke

Contributing columnist