Two Big Lies: Who we really are

Even as we see the struggle to create a genuine January Sixth commission, several things were revealed for us and the entire world to see. We are not a functioning democracy. In spite of two short periods where we tried to overcome being a White Supremacist, constitutional Republic, we have never been a fully functioning democracy. We are not polarized – we are deeply divided; the chasm grows larger as two opposing visions continue an “uncivil” war.

Two “Big Lies” underpin the worst assault on our country – ever. The violent assault of Federalist White Supremacy on the Capitol on January Sixth was based on the Big, totally fabricated, Lie of a stolen election. Sedition and treason by 139 elected House Republicans and eight elected senators has, so far, seen no significant consequence to these open acts of treason.

Instead, the aftermath is a flurry of legislation and state endeavors to increase voter suppression nationally. Permission for these actions have been paved by the Roberts Court, opening the floodgates of foreign and domestic dark money into our elections as well as the virtual destruction of the Voting Rights Act. Basically, Federalist inspired White Supremacy has been on quite the winning streak.

Here in Ohio, we have yet to get fair districts for state and federal offices, in spite of voting for them — not just once, but twice. Although there is no impediment to extra secure drop boxes for absentee ballots, Secretary of State Yost insists there will only be one per county. It is only a matter of time before we see more voter Suppressing efforts.

This leads to the most uncomfortable revelation of all – the second Big Lie — more dangerous to a functioning democracy than the Trump Lie. We have heard leaders we admire assure us, with every new assault on real democracy, “This isn’t who we are!” Open your eyes. This is precisely who we are. And so far, every effort to make us better is hitting legal, judicial and other deeply entrenched brick walls. Our constitution is a document written by elite white males, primarily for their economic and political benefit.

For those of us who are not privileged to be wealthy, white, cult-defined Christian males, we can’t afford to grow tired. Our lives and health of our planet are at stake.

Will we ever be a more fully functioning?

Elaine Silverstrim