Political pork in COVID relief bill

While there are some key elements in the current COVID-19 Relief Bill just passed by the House Democrats (by a very narrow margin 215-212 with two Democrats voting no) that are in fact related to the economic difficulties caused by the pandemic, but there are “many more” that have no relationship at all to the difficulties caused by the pandemic.

For instance: $350B for states and local governments (it has been stated that only about 12 of the states actually need financial assistance); $110B to make the child tax credit fully refundable; $30B transportation financial assistance; $61B for the expansion of Medicaid & the Affordable Care Act; $128B for elementary and secondary schools; $1.5M for Seaway International Bridge work; $50M for Planned Parenthood; $852M for civic volunteer agencies; $470M for libraries, museums and the arts; $58B for the bailout of private sector pension plans; $10B due to shortages in pandemic supplies (?); higher education $39B; $1.4B in support of the “Older Americans Act” etc.

Some of the experts who have reviewed all of the inclusions in the Relief Bill indicate that only about 9% of the inclusions are directly related to pandemic. So more “giveaway programs” provided by the House Democrats that have absolutely “no relatability” to the problems and hardships caused by the pandemic. What’s new? Time for each of us to speak up and say “quit spending our tax dollars” for political reasons.

George R. Cook