The politics of espousing hate

Recently I read a story in the Cincinnati Enquirer about a West Chester, Ohio trustee who honorably served 20 years in the Army, where he was wounded. He ran as a Republican and wore a MAGA hat. He was of Asian descent and was recently berated and accosted for “not being American enough.” During a trustees meeting, he unbuttoned and raised his shirt to reveal the scars of his chest wounds.

No one should be attacked for their skin color. There are some thin-skinned, insecure, gullible people willing to follow an authority figure who espouses division and hate. In the past few years Muslims, Latinos, African Americans, Asians, the disabled, and women have been harassed, belittled and accosted,

In recent weeks and months, people of Asian descent are like the flavor of the month, and have been the targets of unprovoked vitriol.

If somehow, magically, everyone who is not of European ancestry were removed from our country, who would be next to be attacked? The Catholics, Polish, Italians, Jews, Germans, Irish?

After that, who would be next? The too fat, too thin, too tall, too short, disabled, red hair, elderly, brown eyes? Who decides?

Is this how we Make America Great Again?

Don Spurling