Better life through technology?

Recently I became unhappy with my TV provider because the bill kept inching higher every month. I explained that I have one TV and I would not pay $99/month just to watch “Jeopardy.” (A little drama is necessary when debating money matters.)

Soon I realized they were not going to reduce my bill and it would probably go even higher, so I called another provider; they would install in two days, waive that charge, and my bill would be half what I’d been paying, for three years. I was a happy camper!

Shortly after installation, I pushed “off.” Nothing happened — can’t change the volume, can’t change the channel, either. A minor hiccup, I’m thought, until they told me my brand new remote was a “dud”, but not to worry because they were putting a new one in the mail as we spoke. Of course in the meantime, I had no control of my TV and it was stuck on Animal Planet. I’ve discovered that a full 48 hours of Animal Planet is definitely my limit, but, hey, if you ever want to know about a cheetah, or Bigfoot, I’m your girl!

The new remote came and I called to get it programmed; would you believe it was also a “dud?” Oh, it gets better — also in the mail was a bill for $101. I had their service four days, was sent two defective remotes, had zero control of my TV … and I owed them $101? For what? To quote my Grandpa, “That dog ain’t gonna hunt!

Then I got a brainstorm (I know … scary, right?): If I called my former provider, would they be so happy to get me back on board that they would give me a “deal of the day?” Guess what — they did! And it’s locked in for the same three years! Now I’m happy again.

Our cell phones are great for the convenience and sense of security they give us. But the rest of the “better life through technology” … I’m not so sure.

Wow, look here — a show is coming on about more Bigfoot sightings. I don’t want to miss it! Bye …

Dottie Flaugher