Beware of packing US Supreme Court

The Democrats are hard at work with some pending legislation in the House that would, if passed, increase the number of Supreme Court judges from nine to 13.

The number of nine justices has survived some 152 years dating back to 1869. Further they are trying diligently to do away with the filibuster rule in the Senate since it would take 60 votes for the bill to pass there vs. simple majority if there were no filibuster rule. Is this a joke? Not a chance. They want total control of the U.S. government: White House, House of Representatives, the Senate and the Supreme Court, in order to control every aspect of our daily lives. The fact that MAGA President Trump was able to nominate and get approved three justices during his four-year term doesn’t set well with the Democrats.

There are four Democrats leading the charge: Senator Ed Starkey, Jerry Nadler, Hank Johnson and Mondaire Jones who seems to be the most vociferous of the bunch claiming, “The Supreme Court is broken; it is out of balance; Far Right has hijacked the Supreme Court; we’re not packing, we are unpacking the Supreme Court; expanding the court ‘rights the wrongs’ the Republicans had done to this great court; the Supreme Court has been an accomplice to voter suppression; John Roberts’ Supreme Court is ‘hostile’ to democracy itself; the far right is at war with our democracy.”

This typical “power grab attempt” by the Democrats would give them the opportunity to ‘pack’ the court with four more liberal judges and that is, of course, their objective.

Allowing this lunacy to continue would totally destroy the legitimacy of the Supreme Court. We have often stated that the DC Democrat Party will do anything and everything to gain and keep total power over the U.S. government and the people of this great country. This is just one more example and one that must be totally defeated. Maybe we should send some of the Left in Congress packing.

George R. Cook