Name and actions not worthy for park

In the April 21 issue of the News Journal, was an article about a GOP-backed proposal in the Ohio General Assembly to rename Mosquito State Park to Donald J. Trump State Park. The lake is located in Trumbull County and is one of the largest lakes in the state.

In the past, it was customary to name bridges, airports, parks and lakes after someone who did something extraordinary or a politician who dedicated their life to public service.

Ohio has a number of noted people worthy of such an honor. Neil Armstrong, John Glenn and Wright Brothers come to mind. There are many others. Nearby, East Fork Lake was renamed William H. Harsha Lake. The Clarence J. Brown Dam and Reservoir is near Springfield. Harsha and Brown each served Ohio as GOP members for many years in the Ohio General Assembly.

A man who denigrated women, banned Muslims, and who was cozy with Putin. A man who was silent when a bounty was put on our soldiers by Putin, and whose inaction allowed more than 500,000 people to die from Covid-19. A man who claimed the election was stolen, yet called top election officials in Georgia, asking them to “find” votes for him. A man who told the Proud Boys to Stand Up and Stand By prior to the insurrection on the Capitol, is not worthy of having anything named after him.

Jim Gibson