How America is under attack

Don’t believe it? Take a look at these facts since the POTUS inauguration: The Electoral College and even the U.S. Constitution under attack; the 176-old Election Day under attack; the 152-year-old “Members of the U.S. Supreme Court under attack (Dems wanting to “pack the court” with four more liberal judges); the 62-year-old idea of a “50 state union” under attack (Dems wanting to bring in D.C. and I believe it was Puerto Rico); a stable and robust economy under former POTUS Trump under attack (with Dem lockdowns, surging inflation, bloated national debt, people not even wanting to work with all of the administration’s freebies, etc); our southern borders under attack – with the “welcome sign” by Joe Biden to all foreign illegals; our highly valued 1st and 2nd amendments “clearly” under attack with liberal “fake news” and absolute “censorship” by big tech companies; many of our “Democrat controlled” cities (Portland and Chicago are disasters) are under attack with continued rioting, looking and destruction of both private and public property; names of many public buildings, institutions and historical monuments under attack; our energy independence status has now been trashed by the current administration by destroying the Keystone XL Pipeline and further erasing many thousands of good paying jobs with it; Democrat Congress trying to push through so-called infrastructure bills with a phony definition of infrastructure; Critical Race Theory being promoted and pushed through government and many educational institutions; our own U.S. historical culture is under attack, i.e. “cancel culture.

Can you really erase history, values and things we hold dear? I think not.

So you still don’t think America is under attack?

George R. Cook