In appreciation of America’s workers

This letter is to applaud those faceless people everywhere who go to work each day to make the products or provide the services we all depend on. Many work long hours under adverse conditions. Some are required to work weekends and holidays. Labor Day celebrates and honors their efforts.

COVID-19 has adversely impacted every workplace in the last couple years. People worked long hours under very stressful conditions, Healthcare, office workers, retail and grocery workers were especially affected. Due to a shortage, PPE’s were re-used.

People who work at night miss dance recitals, school plays, sports events, etc. Their children are in school when they leave for work and are asleep when they arrive home. Medical workers provide around-the-clock care. Retail and grocery workers kept their stores open. County workers ensured each office ran smoothly, mow the grass, clean the offices, and maintain county property. City and village workers are first responders, collect the garbage, maintain the parks, and clean the buildings.

Let’s not forget the farmers who keep us fed, and the police who keep us safe. The school employees, who educate, transport and feed our children. Remember, too, those who make the products we use daily, sometimes working 10 or 12 hours daily, often in hot or cold conditions.

Whether you wear a stethoscope, operate a cash register, a keyboard, a truck, manufacturing equipment, or swing a mop, your work has dignity and is important to your family and to society.

Don Spurling