Youth knows the value of service

Lately I have noticed that multiple organizations in our community need more people to donate or to volunteer. As a member of American Heritage Girls, part of the oath I’ve taken is to “serve in my community.” Over the past three years I’ve spent in AHG, I have learned to love serving.

There are many places that could use help, like the New Life Clinic, Your Father’s Kitchen, Habitat for Humanity, animal shelters and several more. All you have to do is ask!

Our community would be an even better place if more people had a heart to put others before themselves. I love AHG because it encourages girls to be selfless and help others. American Heritage Girls is training us to be women who do the right thing, and this is the kind of women our community always needs more of.

Parents, please put your daughters in AHG so we can work together and grow women of integrity! You will be glad, and so will our community.

Ella Green, age 8