Carey does what coal, Trump tell him

Several days ago, the News Journal published an article about Mike Carey, candidate for 15th District Congress. The article mentioned how hard he worked during his childhood. Pictures were shown of his childhood in Sabina, but none as a coal company lobbyist.

During most of his professional life, he has been told what to say. If elected to Congress, don’t expect him to change course.

Carey is a well-paid mouthpiece for the largest privately owned U.S. coal operator, Murray Coal Co., a notorious polluter, receiving many regulatory breaks from Trump. He lobbied for passage of SB 6 and taxpayer bailout of First Energy power plants, fought clean air mandates, a major contributor to the Trump campaign, and donated to depose House Speaker Householder.

Being endorsed by Trump means he must show total loyalty to Trump. Implications are: Mike agrees to disrespect women, the pandemic will magically disappear, the impeachment trials were a witch hunt, the most secure election in history was fraudulent, and the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection was a normal visit by tourists. Trump acolytes are not permitted to have independent thought and must always do as Trump demands. Ask Mike Pence.

I prefer a candidate who will be capable of independent thought to represent the people, not interests of corporate America, protect Social Security and Medicare, support better access to affordable health care, work for educational opportunities and job training, lobby for good-paying jobs, and access to quality child care.

Judy Stapler