Mike Carey right choice for Congress

Mike Carey is seeking our support as the next Congressional representative for Ohio District 15. As someone who has known Mike for more than three decades, here are the facts about him.

A native Clinton Countian, Mike grew up on his family farm near Sabina and understands agriculture — Ohio’s number one industry — and has earned the endorsement of the Ohio Farm Bureau. Following graduation from East Clinton, (Class of 1989), he earned an ROTC scholarship and served as military officer. He will fight for our troops and has earned the endorsement of Ohio Veterans United and SEAL PAC.

Mike has spent time in Washington and knows the beltway. As an executive for one of the nation’s largest energy companies, he has spent his career fighting for hardworking Americans. He helped facilitate a bipartisan deal saving pension benefits for thousands of coal miners.

We need to stop the reckless spending in Washington. Mike will fight Nancy Pelosi’s $3.5 trillion spending spree — crippling our economy and raising taxes. He knows that small businesses are struggling to recover from the pandemic, and he has been endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Businesses.

Mike will stand up and say no to special-interest groups. He is the right choice at the right time. He cares about working people and wants to control government spending, not take more of your hard-earned money. He will speak for us as our next Congressman. I encourage you to vote for Mike Carey Nov. 2.

Bill Liermann