We’re seeing a catastrophic presidency

This presidency has been nothing but crisis after crisis, and continuing on a daily basis! Starting with a questionable election result and much much more. This administration has created one tsunami after another: Thousands of illegals and cartels are pouring across the border daily and being distributed to various states throughout the country — this is illegal; inflation growing wild heading toward 8-9%; gasoline prices going through the roof since the president cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline that helped make us energy independent; a total travesty in Afghanistan, leaving behind hundreds of Americans and allies and billions of dollars of U.S. equipment and firearms; airlines shutting down and pilots saying “no” to vaccine mandate; millions of open jobs not being filled; ridiculous spending spree by the House Democrats’ $3.6T — a significant amount of which is pure pork and pet Democrat payback projects, playing off of so-called made-up definition of “human infrastructure’’; and Biden has asked the IRS to monitor any $600 amount in or out of our private bank accounts — that is activity within one year – some people’s mortgage is upwards of $1,000+ per month!; surging crime in major Democrat controlled cities, i.e. Chicago, LA and NYC; all of this resulting in the President’s poll numbers “dropping like a rock”, some at a mere pathetic 38%; and finally, the main street media is getting very concerned with regard to the president’s decisions and actions.

And where is Vice Presdient Harris? AWOL! You know that “Border Czar” — what a joke!; and all of this in just eight months of his presidency! And now even some of the well-known Democrats are casting doubt on the president’s handling of the Oval Office and his administration.

How long do we have to put up with this? Well, maybe just until the 2022 mid-term election when the GOP takes over the House and the Senate and then impeachment proceedings begin? And one could say for good reasons — by any reasonable definition this is a catastrophic presidency.

George R. Cook