Which road has candidate taken?

Absentee ballots for the Nov. 2 election are now available. With your ballot in hand, you are able to research unfamiliar candidates. To me, where a candidate is from is less important than the road taken to their destination.

Has the candidate held elective office? Does the candidate think that each registered voter should vote, or do they try to restrict voting? Does the candidate value voters’ opinions, or do they use code words, quote alternative facts and promote the big lie? Do they support the Constitution, or a cult leader? Does the candidate work to strengthen democracy, or are they on the road to an autocracy? Does the candidate have the courage to disagree with their party, or will they “toe the party line?”

Does the candidate support strengthening Social Security and Medicare, or are those entitlement programs? Do they support affordable health care, good-paying jobs and access to quality child care, or, do they believe all is well?

The right to vote is precious. Exercise it.

Don Spurling