Russo will work for brighter future for all

I can’t think of an easier choice for the position of the U.S. House of Representatives than the one those of us here in the 15th district of Ohio face. It is clearly a choice between a person committed to a future of continued and expanded pollution, and a candidate committed to the well-being of all citizens — a choice between the future and the past!

Being raised by a single mother in Mississippi and making her way through a quality college in that state, Allison Russo has distinguished herself in several ways. Most importantly, for this position she is seeking, is her serving a second term in the Ohio General Assembly, representing House District 24, a position held for years by Republicans.

Her background in health care has proven to assist her in fighting for the many needs that Ohio citizens share, but her commitment goes well beyond this. She has already proven to be a strong advocate for children and families as well as for veterans, voting rights, education, job training and many more issues that have too often been overlooked.

Allison Russo represents the kind of person needed in Washington – a person experienced in government, committed to justice for all and shown to be an effective and hard worker. Vote for this person who is committed to fighting for all of us – a vote for the future!

Neil Snarr