Democrat charade at the US Capitol

Hopefully at least some of you witnessed on TV the D.C. Democrat political candlelight theatrical charade referencing the January 6, 2020 riot on our capital. It was for political purposes, not in remembrance of the uncalled-for riot on the Capitol. They have not uttered one word with regard to the 570+ riots in Democrat-controlled cities last summer resulting in multiple deaths, destruction of properties, burning of law enforcement vehicles, occupation of city streets, multiple injuries and deaths to several of our law enforcement officers — a little hypocritical, don’t you think?

Of course, the riot (not insurrection!) at the US Capital Building was uncalled for, but just for once let’s cast blame and accountability where it belongs – on both sides, and not be such a hypocrite … always blaming others when it is you who is to blame. It is a written and proven fact that President Trump requested 20,000 National Guard two days ahead of the riot and it was not adhered to by those in the Democrat Party in charge – Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D.C. mayor and the House sergeant-at-arms. Who is holding them accountable for their lack of leadership? No one, other than the GOP.

Racism has been the first page in their political playbook and now it is the January 6th riot at the Capital Building – page two! Could it be that they are desperate, knowing what is going to happen in the upcoming mid-term elections? And their political war chant now is “Democracy is in danger and will be dead if the Republicans win in the midterms!” How sick is that? Some might say that the current indications are “they”, the Democrat Party is putting a hit on and attempting to kill our Democracy as we have known it.

And Vice President Kamala Harris compares the January 6th Capitol riot to Pearl Harbor and 9-11 … are you kidding me? This administration has had so many debacles and absolute total failures. I wonder about election integrity this November – or will it be another charade by the Democrats – another attempted Fix and their continued chant “Voter Supprssion”? Maybe they should check out their Ballot Harvesting! What’s the next Democrat Charade? Time for Change!!

George R. Cook