Who are true insurrectionists?

The Democrat Party in D.C. and particularly Democrat leadership and the House of Representatives seem certain they have the term correctly applied to the January “riot” involving our Capital Building, or do they? (Nobody is condoning the January 6 riot and it should have only happened as a peaceful protest/demonstration!)

Here are some “facts” that might just place the blame elsewhere. One might think that the Democrats are trying everything to detract from the absolute failures of this inept administration and their rightful concern that the November Mid-Term Elections will be a total disaster for them? Trying to federalize our elections which, of course, is non constitutional; trying to repeal or circumvent the Electoral College; trying to wipe out the 100+ year Filibuster Rule which they established when it favored them; trying to expand the U.S. Supreme Court which has stood at nine members for hundreds of years now – in hopes that it will favor the Democrat Party; even pushing an expansion of the number of U.S. states to include other Democrat locations like the District of Columbia and perhaps Puerto Rico; allowing now millions of illegal immigrants to flood the Southern Border and be dispersed throughout the US-hopeful future Democrat voters; the hiring of a foreign national to prepare a dossier of absolute falsehoods on Donald Trump – all of which turned out to be absolutely false!

Also the pathetic two Trump president impeachment trials initiated by the Democrat controlled House of Representatives that was clearly another attempt to discredit a successful US POTUS with totally false and undocumented information and House trials that were not in total accordance with such US laws; zero oversight and control over the multiple (400+) summer 2020 riots in Democrat controlled cities resulting in looting, burning public and private businesses, attacking and destroying courthouses and police precincts, causing over 30 deaths; the injury of 2,000 law enforcement officers and the absolute destruction of at least $2.0B of property … all under their mantra and banner of “social justice!”

After having reviewed all of the above facts together, one must ask: “Who Really Are the True Insurrectionists and who condones such Anti-American activities?” I think after reviewing the facts, it is quite evident!

George R. Cook