Sad State of the Union address

The recent State of the Union address by President Biden had to be one of the most disappointing, non-specific, avoiding the real problems in this country today and clueless address in recent history! He carefully avoided discussing the disaster on the southern border. He sidestepped our real inflation problem – the worst in many years!

There were no helpful comments with regard to or severe energy problems today with the price of everything skyrocketing, in particular food and the price of gasoline. No mention of the disaster left behind in Afghanistan dead American soldiers, U.S. citizens and supporters and millions of dollars worth of American military equipment – now in the hands of terrorists. His commentary on the wealthiest in this country paying little or no taxes when in fact, the top 10% ($145,135 AGI) pay “70%” of the total federal income taxes and the top 5% pay “almost 60%” of the total federal income taxes! And the bottom 50% “pay little or no” federal income taxes.

Plans to “lower the deficit” when all this administration is doing is “adding to the deficit” with all of its reckless spending! And now he is saying to “refund” the police when for the last year and more the Democrats have been promoting the absolute “defunding” of the law enforcement organizations. The president claims he has “signed” some 80 bills but not naming what they were for. Nothing with regard to “energy independence” which was our case when former President Trump was in the WH. And at the same time we are spending “billions” for Russian oil which helps them fund their brutal attacks on the Ukraine people. Crime is running rampant in many major U.S. cities; where are the plans/bills to bring this to a halt? Stopping the“catch and release policies” would help along with removing the “no bail policies” in major Democrat controlled cities. His commentary on “voter rights” is pertinent so long as “legal USA citizens” are able to cast their votes on Election Day. Requiring voter ID is clearly appropriate to assure legal voters are voting and ballot harvesting certainly needs to be addressed. While the president did mention some “good sounding”things, in all likelihood this was “icing that will never get on the cake!”

George R. Cook