WPD officer calms situation, helps all

I am hoping you will share my positive letter. I want to bring to our citizens’ attention of one of our Wilmington police officers and the department’s support staff.

Late last week, I found our household visited by an uninvited guest — a confused gentleman was in our lobby, dazed and out of breath from running from an unseen pursuer. He was very frightened and agitated. We were naturally concerned for our safety, but also for the safety of several small children gathering next door to await the morning school bus.

Rather than push him out into the street, which may have aggravated the situation, I drew him away from the front entrance, from the seeming source of his agitation, and from the children outside. Once seated in our kitchen and fortified with a bottle of water, I called 911 and summoned help.

Within minutes the Central Dispatch sent Officer Alsop to our home. Once he arrived from the Wilmington Police Department, we were able to breathe a sigh of relief. His calming demeanor soon soothed the agitated gentleman, and the officer even convinced him to travel in the hastily summoned ambulance to obtain medical help.

Thank you Officer Alsop and the Wilmington Police Department for your quick and decisive action which averted a crisis and assisted this poor ill man in getting the help he needed, all while keeping everyone calm and safe. Wilmington residents, rest assured that the safety of our city is in good hands.

Joanne “Mumsie” Weston