What’s really happening at city hall?

Previously, I requested public records regarding the pay rates and raises of the City Administrator, the city council minutes for when the position was created, minutes for the “name change” for the administrative position, and the raises received when Marian Miller was Clerk of Council.

Upon my request for the pay stubs of the Clerk of Council, I was not given anything because she stated she did not receive compensation for working for the duration of that time as Clerk of Council. Regarding that, an article states that Mayor Stanforth wanted her to be his Executive Assistant and the Clerk of Council, where she would be expected to get paid around $71,000 per year. Stanforth said, “I needed someone that I know and could have absolute confidence and trust in.”

I was also sent a record regarding the pay raises for the city workers and one of the documents was not signed or dated by council; were they approved? In her email regarding the creation of the Administrative Assistant, she said, “The position of the Administrative Assistant in the general sense for the entire city, has been established in all departments for some time but was legislatively referred to as secretary.” Also upon request, I received council meeting minutes where the Administrator position was renamed from “Executive Assistant to the Mayor” to “City Administrator” but that document was not signed, leaving the question: Was it ever approved?

Currently if you were to receive an email from Greg Muenchen you would find his email signature is titled “City Administrator.” Are the taxpayers of Wilmington paying two “City Administrators” for the month of May?

Also, the city has already appointed a new HR Director. Interesting that there was no job posting for the open position. Which leaves the question, what is happening in the administrative office?

Where are our elected council members, and what are they doing?

Jenna Pletcher