It’s Republicans ensuring voter integrity

The 2005 Carter-Baker Commission on Federal Reform issued a report that proposed a uniform system of requiring a photo ID in order to vote in US elections. It indicated that widespread absentee voting makes voter fraud more likely. Voter files often times contain ineligible duplicate fictional and deceased voters – and need badly to be cleaned up. Who was behind this Commission? Former President Jimmy Carter, a Democrat, and former Secretary of State James Baker III, a Republican, plus Majority Leader Tom Daschle, another Democrat, and Indiana Congressman Lee Hamilton.

How things have changed with the Democrat Party. Further, just last year, Jimmy Carter came out to disavow the Commission’s work. That sounds a bit hypocritical. By the way a recent Rasmussen survey found that some 80% supported a voter ID requirement, while Democrat leaders “strongly oppose” such a requirement. Do they not understand the past with regard to their previous leaders?

In a recent review, out of 47 European countries, 46 of them “require government issued photo IDs to vote.” And some 35 of the European countries do not even allow absentee voting. But all that our current president can espouse regarding the subject is voter suppression, an assault on democracy, an assault on our liberties and an assault on who we actually are.

The Democrat Party, which favored in 2020 (using the Covid Pandemic as an excuse) mailing out absentee ballots to anyone and everyone seems more than just a little suspicious! If I remember correctly, we have to show ID and perhaps a photo ID/driver license in many verification situations as to “who we are” today, and have for some time now. The mail-in drop boxes and the “ballot harvesting — individuals bringing in “several” mail ballots from numerous individuals — seems to be just a “lot more than suspicious!” Is it the Democrat Party or the Republican Party the political party that is trying to ensure our election integrity going forward? HR-1 could easily be renamed “For the Democrats Act.”

George R. Cook