US presidents: Failures, accomplishments

Throughout presidential history in our great country there have been significant contrasts with regard to achievements and failures, but none so contrasting as the previous administration of Donald J. Trump and by Joe Biden.

Let’s first look at Trump’s specific accomplishments during his tenure: Largest tax reform package in history; unemployment rate 3.5 percent lowest in half-century; doubled standard deduction rate to $2,400; cut business tax rate from 35 to 21 percent; eliminated eightold business regulations for every new one; withdrew from job-killing Trans-Pacific Partnership; ended NAFTA and replaced it with USMCA Agreement; imposed tariffs on hundreds of billions worth of Chinese goods to protect American Jobs; authorized $28B to support farmers subjected to unfair trade practices; for the first time in history made the U.S. a net energy producer and energy independent; approved the Keystone XL and Dakota Pipeline scenario; average American saved some $2,500/year in electric bills; launched Operation Warp Speed and worked with Pfizer/Moderna to develop vaccines in record time; increased employment in all classes to record rates; lowered drug prices for first time in 51 years; built over 400 miles border wall to suppress illegal immigration; ended catch-and-release; forced NATO to pay up on defense; recognized Jerusalem as the true capital of Israel; defeated ISIS caliphate; violent crime fell for third consecutive year; executive order outlining 10-year prison sentences for those destroying federal property and monuments; executive order to help prevent violence against law enforcement; signed Stop School Violence Act and created commission on school safety. (What happened to that under the Biden Administration?); in 2019 U.S. achieved largest decline in carbon emissions of any country; led the world in greenhouse gas emissions reductions; prohibited teaching of CRT in federal government; launched 1776 Commission to promote patriotic education; signed into law $255M in annual funding for Black Colleges and Universities; and investigated/corrected problems associated with VA assuring appropriate medical support for veterans.

Now let’s turn to President Biden’s achievement (won’t take too much time her!)! It might be more appropriate to list his failures. During his first week in office he rescinded some 36 of Trump’s previous EO’s. which were pro-Americans. So far I have counted about 15-20 key Biden failures and still looking for any “accomplishments” for the American People — other than spending trillions and with 8.6%+ inflation.

George Cook