Democrats want to disarm us

The AR-15 is not a weapon of war; no army issues it. An assault weapon/rifle by definition is capable of full-auto fire. These rifles are semi-automatic only.

Mateen, the gunman in Orlando, underwent background checks for both guns. The FBI was well aware he was buying guns as the FBI conducts the National Instant Check (NICs). They approved him.

Democrats claim Republicans want terrorists to get guns. Insidious lies. It’s more accurate to say Democrats are stripping the American people of due process, that’s what their bills would have done. Under our Constitution you are innocent until proven guilty. Democrats consider you guilty and give you no good way to prove yourself innocent. The Terror Watch list is hard to get off of. It took Senator Ted Kennedy six months and thousands of dollars to get off.

Imagine the difficulty for the common man.

You may have the same name as a criminal and you can held responsible for their acts, be blackballed for life from flying, buying a gun, employment, etc. Due process matters. Your rights, once lost, are hard and costly to get back.

Terrorist organizations are at war with the American people, targeting civilians. Looking for soft targets where they know we can’t fight back. That is why they attack shopping malls, theaters, nightclubs, government buildings and, yes, even military bases where ironically the soldiers were disarmed.

Democrats want to disarm us, making it harder for you to protect yourself. Gun control’s not the issue, if it was then terror attacks in Paris wouldn’t have happened. Real “weapons of war” Soviet AK47 full-auto were smuggled in, hundreds died. French anti-gun laws did nothing but disarm the intended targets, their own citizens at bloody cost. Terrorists will have no problem smuggling arms into the US.

Republicans offered a bill to block a person suspected of terrorism from getting a gun for 72 hours so the FBI could scrutinize them further. It also added an appeals process if you’re falsely accused.

Democrats voted no. They’re not interested in solutions, just campaign issues.

If Democrats are concerned about terrorism, they must stop Obama’s refugee program and investigate those people coming in. Also investigate the 72 individuals on the Terror Watch list employed by the Department of Homeland Security. They appear to have a Trojan horse within the walls of the Federal Government and rather than deal with real problems, they are focused on attacking our rights.

Tim Inwood

Chairman, Clinton County Republican Party