Concerns for increasingly divisive nation

I am brokenhearted as I see what is happening: a person who lives in my neighborhood and also the president of the United States both using hateful tactics to divide “we the people of the United States.”

Mr. Watts stated “Clinton County pro-empathy families helped me build a successful business in Wilmington at Edward Jones.” I guess I made a mistake in having Mr. Watts manage my investments. Many years ago he came to where I worked and explained that through a payroll plan he could invest my money. At that time there was no mention of pro-empathy voting or that he was against conservatism.

We are in a time that confusion is being used to prevent us from knowing truth. I listen to two podcasts that I find interesting because they present discussions that are neither left/right nor Democrat/Republican. While both podcasts stand on a Biblical worldview, they are no teaching Christianity but providing news and discussion about current events. I recommend Janet Parshall podcasts and

As I see how our government is failing to serve us, I have great concern for the future of my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. I am saddened how the messages of division are being used to give big government too much control over our lives … control that the Founding Fathers of our country never meant for the government to have.

Charity Gehringer