Voters: Another chance to get it right

Do you really want to vote for a certain political party who supports and promotes such vile, non-democratic polices as the following? If you are not proud of your 2020 selections you have an opportunity to make it right in November. Vote “R” instead of “D.”

Exploding gas and food prices; inflation at a 40-year high and climbing; defunding police who protect us; crime running rampant in major U.S. cities; leaving American citizens and supporters with millions of dollars of U.S. military equipment behind in Afghanistan for the terrorists; giving illegal immigrants open access to the U.S. (by the hundreds of thousands) and then shipping them to various cities and then providing them with food, shelter, and funds, and voting rights in some cases which is unconstitutional; certain groups of teachers instructing children as low as kindergarten on sex and sexual activities; buying oil from Russia (and negotiating for oil with Iran?) when we were under President Trump energy independent; school boards mandating the teaching of CRT in K-12 classes against parents’ wishes; and actually calling parents who speak out at school board meetings “domestic terrorists”; an administration that never takes accountability for their pathetic mistakes and policies; appointing a Cabinet with limited experience and in several cases a terrible track record; Dow Jones Average about 7,000 points down.

Did you vote for this administration? Here is a chance to redeem yourself: pull the “right” lever in the November mid-terms.

George R. Cook