Study the facts: Your vote matters

What to say, another boring mid-term election. Not worth my time. My vote does not count. So many irritating ads. Political parties and candidates are all the same, lying to get my vote.

I’ll show them, yes, I will by NOT voting. Ha, take that!

Let’s slow down and see what is really on the ballot that very well may affect our lives. One party’s U.S. House leader says he will cut funding to help Ukraine defend itself and western Democracy from Russian aggression. Other members of the same party are suggesting cuts or elimination of Social Security and Medicare as we now know them. The same party members are touting a nationwide ban on women’s choice concerning their health care. Most concerning of all is that most of this party believes that the last presidential election was somehow fraudulent causing their candidate to lose. The fact that multiple recounts and more than 60 courts found no foul play in 2020 does not seem to register with them.

Please study the facts concerning this upcoming election and then vote early or on Election Day. Vote because your ballot will determine what sort of nation you will leave for your children and grandchildren.

John Lundblad