Pay attention for pedestrians’ sake

To the lady in the big car who almost ran over me on Rombach Avenue as I was crossing to Kroger on Thursday around noon: First of all you were going way too fast to be making a turn onto Rombach West. And I was there. I had the right-of-way. I had pressed the little button to cross and the white pedestrian was lit up. Did you know what the white pedestrian is for? It means I have the right-of-way to cross the street.

I don’t know if you were texting or talking on your phone or if you just didn’t pay attention to the lights. You almost caused me my very first accident on my scooter in over 10 years. I wish I had gotten your license number, but I was more concerned with getting across while I had the right to go. I would like to suggest to you that you have a little more concern for others on the road and pay more attention to the light system. This could have been a tragic accident. I hope you will be more careful.

Loyce Rae Jordan